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Impact Project
Auto Rickshaw Project


Scope:  Spring Health offers safe affordable drinking water to rural, poor customers through a decentralized hub-and-spoke model to keep operational costs low and enable rapid expansion.  Spring Health operates in over 250 villages in rural Odisha, India, delivering clean water to over 30,000 households (150,000 people) on a daily or every other day basis, for $0.07 per day.  

Goal:  Each kiosk has the capacity to grow by at least 5x with an influx of marketing support.  Imagine the impact of reaching more families using a focused approach:  

  1. 1. Training Self-Help Women’s groups about the impact of clean drinking water
  2. 2. Talking with the head of the household about the benefits to the family
  3. 3. Asking existing customers to increase their daily intake of clean water, and
  4. 4. Refresh the branding on delivery rickshaws, water tanks and bottles.

Results:  Consuming safe, clean drinking water has a direct correlation to improved health, which impacts quality of life, number of days worked, and access to education to elevate the economic well-being in the rural villages in India and furthering the goal to solve Last Mile distribution.

Ask:  Our goal of $25,000 for this project will impact 50 villages, with the anticipated growth of 5x the number of families currently drinking safe, clean drinking water in the rural villages in India!  IMPACT!



Scope:  With our first $2000 donation we need to raise $4000 or more to fund the Auto Rickshaw project.  We will select an ideal kirana shop owner or another entrepreneur who agrees to provide the test data for one year on the benefits of owning an auto rickshaw:

  1. 1. Income potential – track income from water delivery and other streams of income
  2. 2. Water delivery – provide recommendations on delivery strategy from direct experience
  3. 3. Cost of Ownership – track costs of the care and use of the auto-rickshaw 

Goal:   The goal of the Spring Health Auto Rickshaw project is to test the income potential of water delivery and other streams of income by owning an rickshaw, along with the cost of ownership that can be used to interest other entrepreneurs. 

Results:  Paul’s dream was to trial an electric Auto Rickshaw with the capability of using solar panel(s), equipped with an extra battery, used to transport the clean drinking water. This project will contribute to reducing our carbon footprint with the potential to receive additional carbon credits with our Gold standard certifications in each village.

Ask:  Our goal of $6,000 includes the purchase and shipment of the Electric Autorickshaw, additional batteries and solar panel and Spring Health branding on the vehicle itself.  



While in India, Paul was very intent on looking at the masses of compost and pondered what else could be done to convert this to clean energy!

Scope: Transform Energy (TE) is working on the solution: A plan to replace coal, the single biggest contributor to climate change, with torrefied mesquite.

Goal: The TE volunteer team has already produced this “Green Coal” in simple kilns with rotating heated 55 gallon steel drums filled with mesquite chips, which can be easily replicated in poor rural areas in India.

Results: “This will allow us to address extreme poverty and climate change in thousands of rule villages in developing countries all over the world…” Paul Polak, 5/18/18.

Ask:  Our goal of $50,000 for the “Green Coal Project” will go towards funding the next phase of the scaled prototype. For more information contact us at: