Videos of Paul Polak

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Three Global Companies

Spring Health, Affordable Village Solar/SunWater, Transform Energy

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Design for the Other 90%

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International Development Enterprises

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IDE (1980-2008)

Sharks, Pigs, and Coconuts: Development and Mental Health

Creating New Markets – Jan 1980

Tripling The Small Farmer Harvest – 1997

Doubling Cash Incomes (short)- 1999

Increasing Productivity of the World’s Micro-Farmers (Published by Novello Press, UK,1999)

The Development and Commercialization of the Treadle Pump in Bangladesh (2000 IDE Report)

Is Drip an Option in Vietnam?

The Global Market Potential for a Robust $50 Solar Lantern (2000)

Drip Irrigation for Small Farmers: A New Initiative to Alleviate Hunger and Poverty (2000)

Low Cost Drip Potential for Improving Irrigation in India (2000)

Laying the Foundation for a Global Initiative for Water Saving Irrigation (2000)

Increasing Productivity of the World’s Micro Farmers (2000)

Opening Small Holder Access to Low Cost Irrigation (2000)

The Green Revolution Comes to the Small Farmer (2000)

Opening Access to Affordable Micro-plot Irrigation for Small Farmers (2000)

Water for Food Presentation at The Hague (2001)

Creating New Markets That Serve Poor Customers (2001)

Ending Rural Hunger and Poverty (2002)

 Green Revolution (2005)

Hardware or Software?

New Low Cost Irrigation Technologies for Small Farms (2005)

Revolutions Needed to End Poverty (Stockholm Water Symposium, 2004)

How IDE Installed 1.5 Million Treadle Pumps in Bangladesh (2005)