Spring Health offers safe affordable drinking water to rural, poor customers through a radically decentralized sustainable model.


Spring Health is an India based water company that utilizes an innovative point-of-sale purification and distribution model to sell affordable drinking water to low income families. It began operations in Odisha, India and plans to scale across the country in the coming years.

Spring Health hygienic water storage tankSPRING HEALTH…

  • Delivers clean water to over 30,000 households (over 150,000 people) on a daily basis.
  • Is operational in over 250 villages in rural Odisha, India.
    Provides home delivery of clean water for $0.07 per day.
  • Utilizes a decentralized hub-and-spoke model to keep operational costs low and enable rapid expansion, in order to solve the Last Mile Distribution problem.
  • Utilizes partnerships and incentive-based profit sharing with local village shop owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Provides services for up to 1,000 people in each village.
  • Utilizes Electro-chlorination technology to purify water.
  • Electro-chlorination plants cost $250 to install and are capable of producing enough chlorine to sanitize 80,000L of water per day.

Spring Health improves the health of millions of poor customers through safe drinking water by lessening sickness, eliminating the costs of expensive medicines and doctor visits, and improving livelihoods.

Spring Health Filter Tank


Spring Health has provided daily affordable clean water to over 150,000 people in 250 villages.

Reach – Spring Health has increased the income of its local entrepreneurs by over 50%.

Employment and Job Creation – Spring Health has created over 600 new jobs across the value chain.

Health Impact – Reduction of stomach ailments and diarrhea is estimated at 29% among Spring Health customers.

Environmental Impact – Zero effluent generated, no waste of water.

Projected Impact – With the help of its investors, Spring Health aims to have a positive impact on the health and livelihoods of over 5 million people in five years.


Dr Paul Polak, Co-Founder and Board Member, Spring Health
Dr Paul Polak, Co-Founder and Board Member, Spring Health

Paul is founder of global non-profit International Development Enterprises (IDE) and co-founder of Spring Health. He is the author of two leading books on ending poverty, Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail and The Business Solution to Poverty. In 2009 The Atlantic Monthly named Dr. Polak one of the world’s twenty-five “Brave Thinkers” along with Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Steve Jobs. In 2004 Paul received the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award (social responsibility category).

Kishan Nanavati, CEO Spring Health India
Kishan Nanavati, CEO Spring Health India

Prior to becoming CEO of Spring Health, Kishan built and led a team managing 25,000 telecommunication retail stores with Uninor in Karnataka. He previously worked with Reliance Communication and Tata Teleservices in the mobile communication space, and has also worked in education and training with NIIT.

Jacob Mathew, Co-Founder & Executive Board Member
Jacob Mathew, Co-Founder & Executive Board Member

Jacob is a product designer by training and is Co-Founder of Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd, one of India’s largest design consulting firms. He is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded diverse businesses from consulting to manufacturing and retail. Jacob is currently CEO of Industree Foundation, Industree Skills Transform Pvt Ltd and also leads impact enterprise incubator, IMPACT EDGE and was interim CEO of Spring Health.

Spring Health has a staff of over 70 employees, with over 300 deliverymen utilized on a daily basis.

Over 230 village entrepreneur partners sell Spring Health purified water.

Spring Health indirectly provides jobs to plumbers, masons and electricians who provide supply chain support.