It Takes a Village to End Climate Change

Nature takes 300 million years to produce coal. Our volunteer rocket scientist team easily converts waste biomass into green coal in 1 hour. This economical, environment-friendly fuel mimics nature’s balanced carbon cycle with minimal climate change impact. Radically affordable village kilns, currently being tested, will produce it in 100,000 villages, shortening distances for collecting biomass and distributing to customers.

Our transformative approach to green bio-fuel will fill the electricity gaps left by solar and wind. We also cleanly replace charcoal as a cooking fuel. Scaling will create millions of livelihood-enhancing jobs for the rural poor, generating sufficient income to support global private market financing.

This is the business solution to poverty we have deployed for 35 years, empowering 20 million people living on $2 a day to lift themselves out of poverty. Now we will transform climate change and help 100 million poor people permanently escape poverty in the process.